Never Fail Christmas Gifts for Wives and Girlfriends

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re the type of chap who’s stuck for ideas when it comes to presents then fear not because there’s a vast range of stuff out there that’s crying out to be purchased for your loved one.
Depending on how many hints have been dropped this year you may have been left in no uncertain terms as to what you most definitely should be buying and, from catalogues suspiciously placed upon your pillow to emails with links to exactly what should be in Santa’s sack, sometimes I wonder whether the element of surprise is a dying art.
However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have been subtly, or otherwise, told what to get your other half for Christmas then help is at hand. Below I’ve complied my very own top five ‘never fail’ items this year and if you’re still bereft of ideas after you’ve read through this little lot then only Father Christmas can save you now.


This Christmas classic fits neatly into a stocking or nestled within the branches of a well-trimmed Spruce.

There’s a huge range of scope out there and from designer brands such as: Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Versace to celebrity endorsed versions, like:  Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham, the choice can often appear to be quite baffling. My advice is to either ask a female friend what they think your missus would like or go to a shop and test the fragrances for yourself. Tip: if you’re choosing for yourself: air on the side of caution and remember that the larger the bottle doesn’t always mean the better the perfume.


Now, depending on dietary requirements, a nice box of chocs is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your partner’s face. Chocolate oranges, slabs of dairy milk and boxes of All Gold are all classic Christmas gifts however, if you want to go that one step further then why don’t you go to a really fancy chocolatier and indulge in the good stuff. Violet creams, decorated hearts, deep-filled delights oozing with decadence and taste, believe me, once you find your local store there will be no turning back. Tip: make sure that you buy something just for her and not just a massive box that you’re going to wolf your way through whilst watching the Great Escape on Boxing Day.


Sexy underwear and lingerie is such an intimate and pleasurable gift to buy that you may wonder why you’ve never been brave enough to take the plunge before.

Make sure you get your partner’s size by stealing a glimpse at the labels in her top drawer and then the world’s your red silk-covered oyster. Vintage lingerie is all the rage these days and if you’re not quite brave enough to search for a store in the high street then go online and, quite literally, fill your boots.

Corsets, panties, girdles, nightdresses, whatever floats her and your love boat. Tip: make sure you consider your partner first and foremost but don’t be afraid to surprise her and yourself by being a little bit more daring – go for it!


Almost everyone loves a good massage and from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, getting pampered is what every girl dreams about. What’s more, most spas and massage parlours offer a wide range of vouchers so all you have to do is go online or pop in to gain instant kudos and adoring adulation. Weekends away, health spas and beauty treatment vouchers are all highly recommended and, if you just can’t bear to be apart, couples treatments are readily available too. Tip: buying a voucher that entitles your wife or girlfriend to choose which treatment she’d prefer is an excellent idea and making sure she doesn’t have to far to travel is another box ticked too.


Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are all wonderful examples of special gifts that fall into those much-anticipated small packages. Like most things, the actual giving ceremony often helps to make the present more of an event and hiding neatly wrapped jewellery boxes in the most unexpected of places can be an absolute joy to behold. Often independent jewellers have some extra special items and buying something that hasn’t been mass-produced just adds to the uniqueness and significance of the occasion. Tip: keep your eyes peeled and your ears open when your passing by shop windows with your other half because often, and sometimes without her even realising it, you’ll be handed the ideal gift right on a velvet-covered plate.

Author Bio: Chris is eagerly anticipating giving his wife vintage lingerie for Christmas this year and can’t wait to get unwrapping those stockings.