Spoiling a Museum Visit

Museums should be respected. For some people, they don’t understand this. They think that museums are just there to promote tourism in a certain place. But there’s more than that. Most museums were established to help preserve the history, in some cases, to give a glimpse of the future.

It’s very important that you know what are the general precautions when you are in a museum. You wouldn’t want to ruin the best relics, right?

If you are planning to visit one, you must finish reading this post. I’m sure that they have their own rules. However, what I have here can help you prepare.

Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes.

You can say goodbye to your stylish stilettos for now. Remember that you will go in a museum and not in a party. To be able to focus on the fantastic artifacts, it is necessary that you wear clothes where you can easily breathe and move. Most museums would require you to walk. Can you really walk for an hour with your leather or high heeled shoes?

Don’t bring food and drinks.

This is a common rule for museums. Do you know why? You have to know that spilled drinks and food can ‘invite’ ants. Well, you know how ants can destroy things, right? If you are prepared to pay for a million dollar piece, go ahead and bring your food!

Don’t get too excited in taking photos. 

You can’t be trigger happy with your cameras. It is a must know that some work of arts aren’t allowed to be reproduced by photos. You might get sued for that. Well, you have to ask the curator’s permission first. If they won’t allow you, then fine. It’s better to be safe than to be kicked out from the area.

Don’t speak too loud.

This is not the best time to do your crazy stuffs. Be as discrete as possible. You have to give the floor to the tour guide. Let him speak and just embrace all the facts you’ll learn.

Don’t touch anything.

Even if something really captures your eye, it is not advisable that you touch it. I know that it can be very tempting. However, you have to control that urge. Treat all the pieces as sacred.

Maybe you are thinking that museum trips can be very boring. Well, if you won’t listen to the great stories behind every relic, you can say it is. Otherwise, it will be worth it.

Kim Bookman is a lover or great artifacts. In fact, she always visits the best galleries in the US. She doesn’t have to spend a lot because she uses museum coupons online.