When making a will should you do it yourself or use a solicitor?

Choosing the best way to make a Will has its positives and negatives. We compare making one yourself or should you use a solicitor to make a Will and which is the best?

Making a will may seem a bit of a negative thing to have to do. However, for peace of mind and to limit heartache on those you love after you pass on it is recommended you make a will. See this article about why it is important to make a Will

There are two ways you can make a Will, either you can use a solicitor to make your Will or you can do it yourself. 

Using a solicitor has many things going for it, however it is an expense. Making your own Will costs nothing, however there is the additional worry of ensuring it is correct and legal.

So here is the lowdown on both options:
For around £200 you can be assured of a legal and water tight document that will cover all aspects of the will.
Using a solicitor will ensure that your assets and wishes will be dealt with without issue after your death. This is all especially important when you consider the cost of your Will not being completely legal and the wrangling and the cost of the wrangling that can be involved.  

To ensure a Will is legal you will need two independent witnesses when you sign it. You will also need to appoint an executor to distribute your assets on death, otherwise the state supplies one at a large cost.
Solicitors also provide an easy service if you wish to update or change your will. Using a solicitor comes with a price but does ensure legality. 

Home Made Wills

Homemade Wills are also a good option; making a Will yourself can also have its bonuses. However, a homemade Will is legal once you ensure it is drafted correctly. There are a number of books available on the subject ad you can easily make your Will if your dealings are straight forward.
It is also possible to use online software to make a Will. Also There are plenty of Will makers out there online, but some are of low quality and it’s always better to be safer than sorry in the case of a will as no one knows your wishes when it comes to be divided only you and you’re not around to ask. 

There are also DIY Will kits available from book shops. These include everything you need to produce a Will and usually provide a step to step guide to making your will so you don’t make a mistake.
If you do have a Will already you should always check to ensure it’s up to date. A not up to date Will can cause as many issues as one which isn’t properly made. Review your Will especially if you have gone through changes like a divorce or separation, a birth or adoption, or a marriage or remarriage. 

Seventy per cent of people don’t make a Will and leave their partners and loved one’s unknown to what their wishes are. This can be easily rectified either if you want to do it yourself or if you want to employ a solicitor to look over the documentation to make sure it is legal.