Manchester - Shopping for Flying Visitors

Manchester is the second largest city in the UK but one of the least visited by vistors to England. Travellers booking flights to the UK are most likely to choose London focussed airports - Heathrow and Gatwick and spend their tim in the Capital.

Most UK regional airports are not able to welcome large transatlantic flights but Manchester has a truly International Airport and it is planned that a full schedule of flights to Manchester from the US (and worldwide) will be operational next year.

A US airline polled its transatlantic passengers during their flights to London to find out the primary reasons for visiting the UK. Clearly the history and culture topped the poll but not far behind was shopping.

Shopping in London has become a drag in the past few years the main shopping streets have turned into extended version os Anytown with chains of clothing retailers interspersed with novelty London UK gift shops.

The airline then researched shopping hotspots in the UK and quickly learned that Manchester and Leeds in the north of England offered original style and quality for shopperholics. Flights to these cities are available but are nowhere near as competetive as flights to London.

So in the words of the the Smiths Front man Morrisey - Suffer little Shoppers - oh Manchester so much to offer - if only you are prepared to Hit the North