Don't be put off giving to Haiti Earthquake fund

Reports that aid is not being distributed to help the people suffering tremendous loss as a result of the Haiti earthquake should not deter people from making donations to the haiti earthquake relief appeals.

Headlines say there is no food, no water, no aid, but underneath on the homepage another story says "aid starts to arrive in Haiti?" Yet stories also report that there is no help in sight?

Unfortunately, the Aid Effort appears at the moment to consist chiefly of Rescue units equipped only with what they can carry. Of course, the only things the Haitians are NOT short of is manpower and hand-tools. Whilst all splendidly well-meant what is actually required most of all are those boring things like Airport and Port Control Parties to actually get heavy equipment in and Engineer groups to re-establish some kind of water supply and sewerage system before typhus arrives in the aftermath of the earthquakes in haiti.

Make donations, make a difference