Mobile Broadband | Pay as You Go

Mobile Broadband | Pay as You Go

Arguments about available mobile broadband bandwidth have little relevance to residential and commercial fixed broadband. In these applications, the number of providers is limited and they are attempting to use price discrimination to capture a greater portion of available profits from the content providers. Network neutrality isn't an issue solely for mobile services.

All the carries and ISPs have to do is charge for download instead of straight bandwidth. That's it, problem solved. No government involvement, no new regulations, and "neutral".

Broadband Swindle?

What's that? The carriers would rather be allowed to throttle specific services in the background so I don't know I'm not getting the bandwidth I paid for?

I am one of the people who thinks that they should just allow me to do what ever I want with the service that I purchase (assuming it is legal). I wouldn't mind usage-based pricing - pay as you go mobile broadband for example.

Usage-based pricing = the end of spam mail! Yay!

Not yay. Spam originates overseas and if they don't have to pay per megabyte, they'll still send it. Usage-based pricing = more money spent on spam.

File Share Abusers Cut Off?

Why not limit access to the part of the internet that they abused? A first step would be blocking ports used by the file sharing programs and limiting their daily/weekly/monthly download and upload volume at the ISP. If they continue to find ways to abuse the system, then limit them at the ISP level to a few thousand approved web sites and download of email.