Dresses For Models Only

Designing dresses for less

Reports of soap dodging Karl Largerfeld making proposterous claims about the dresses he "designs" are only fir for thin models - Nice one Carl

It's quite simple. Yes, this is fuelled by misogyny but it's also clearly motivated by sheer laziness. It is far simpler to design dresses for a human clothes hanger than it is to spend the effort necessary to design something for a woman who, God forbid, has some womanly curves. The 'ideal' woman used to be 36-24-36 or an hourglass not an ironing board. What is so scary about curves?

Precisely: "the world of fashion" has nothing to do with the reality of most peoples' lives but merely peddles dreams and illusions for idiots with too much money to indulge in.

Why do these fashionistas believe that anyone in their right mind wants to see women with legs and arms like sticks? With skinny hips and no bums - their dresses loosly fitng like a bad bandage?

What lot of complete nonesense from Lagerfeld !

Women choose dresses for themselves

Contrary to what a lot of men on here may think, how many women view themselves may be more about how they view themselves and their dresses rather than how a man views them. This may be as much influenced by other women as by men. Sorry but it is not all about the male gaze. This of course may be hard for many men to accept, poor dears. Otherwise, we would see a lot more thigh boots and microminis about town.

However, as some other contributers have hinted this debate isn't really about sexual attraction and what looks 'sexy' to men; it's about selling clothes, dresses and sexy lingerie to women.

If there is one thing for sure most people want to remain young, and the size zero figure is a figure normally naturally found on an adolescent girl... this is what size zero is about; flogging a dream of flawless everlasting youth - not really about what looks 'sexy'.