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Gift Ideas That Do Good

The recent PR announcement that Oxfam have persuaded may of the musicians and artists at 2009 Glastonbury Festival to pain their faces blue as a gesture of support for their work to help suffering around the world caused by global warming made us think twice about writing another post about gift ideas for summer. We have tried to offer a variety of suggestions for gifts to send to friends and family or even simply to treat yourself see christmas gifts and gift experiences. We are proud of these gift suggestions but they pale in comparison to these funky gift ideas to give charity gifts to help thoese in need around the world.

Charity Gifts - Give Something Different

Thats the strapline of this online charity gift shop that offers a variety of gift ideas all chosen because they are desperately needed by someone suffering somewhere around the world.

Browsing the shop is easy and you aren't exposed to images of suffering and poverty to encourage you to hand over your money. Instead the benefits of giving charity gifts are clearly stated.

Best Selling Charity Gift - A Goat

Top of the best sellers chart is currently a billy goat. The gift of a goat or goats to poor communities provides milk for much needed nutrition and in interesting by product from the goat is droppings which feed the land for crops to yeild better. Giving a goat is a splendid gesture - you buy it, someone whe really appreciates it recieves it and if you wish you can send a card to someone for whose behalf you bought it.

You don't have to specify that your gift is a specific product - you can always tick the box which authorises the charity to direct the money to where it considers it is needed most.

Charity Wedding List

For example a couple who set up a charity wedding list may begin their married life together at a time of a terrible natural disaster. Each year the Bangladesh floods hit the headlines and should their wedding list have been set up at this time all funds will go to help the unfortunate people suffering in Bangladesh they can at least take some comfort that those less fortunate will benefit in some way from the generosity of their wedding guests.


Danna said...

Excellent post.!! I always prefer useful and meaningful charity gifts. Thanks for linking the store for charity gifts.