Resperate | Lower Blood Pressure

Now our batteries are fully recharged after the Christmas break we enter the New Year with enthusiasm and optimism.

All around some of the biggest names on the High Street are closing and although this provides opportunities to grab a bargain in the closing down sales the benefits are short lived and we lament the passing of great names such as Woolies, MFI and Zavvi (who?)

How on earth Debenhams remained buoyant is a mystery - their pre Christmas sales actually increased - well done them.

Rather than linger over the poor end to last year we'll look ahead to 2009 and first up is to check out what is predicted to be a home health best seller - RESPeRATE - a device that aims to lower blood pressure naturally.

Resperate, manufactured by Intercure, has been widely available in America where it was cleared by the Food & Drug Administration in 2002 and attracted much attention from those who look to lower blood pressure naturally.

Now it is being heavily marketed in the UK the resperate device is under close scrutiny - with critics claiming that it is merely an expensive walkman and that any "biofeedback" is achievable by ordinary deep relaxed breathing exercises.

Supporters argue that if people find that using Resperate to help lower their blood pressure in conjunction to their existing methods then further research should be undertaken in the hope that one day blood pressure can be controlled by using the Resperate machine on a regular basis and become less dependent on prescription medicines.

Resperate is available from chemists although online health care supply sites such as Medisave will almost certainly beat any high street shop price.