iAudio D2 Personal Media Player - booming marvelous!

i Audio D2 PMP (Personal Media Player)

This is the latest Portable MultiMedia Player released exclusively in the UK from Cowan. Th iAudio D2 is a versatile MP3 player that is able to show high quality video and recieve crystal clear DAB Digital Radio - no crackle or hum just pure audio precision.

The touch screen is simple to use and the included stylus ensures pin point accuracy when choosing and managing your MP3 music tracks or videos.

The iAudio D2 has a built in rechargeable battery that can play up to 10 hours of videos or keep the sounds playing for well over two days non stop.

Where can I find out the full details of the iAudio D2 Media Player?

The iAudio D2 is exclusively available through the MP3 Guide's partner Advanced who offer fantastic online deals and second to none customer service.


malcolm coles said...

"crystal clear DAB Digital Radio" - I think that depends where you listen.
Portable digital radio players in London often sound like you're listing to digital radio under water, however good the receiver (the idab which I own sounds good when there is good signal - but too often it breaks up when I'm walking or running).
Signal too weak, buildings too high.