Cookery Guide

The Cookery Guide has been launched to help provide insight into the many time saving and problem solving cooking appliances now available for kitchens - items that can make cooking much easier and more fun.

The Cookery Guide offers an unbiased view of the appliance world and feature the latest offerings from the obvious (toasters and kettles) that all should have to the less obvious with the ability to price check different models and brands at the same time.

The Cooking Appliances Guide has a bespoke ‘How to Choose’ and ‘Where to Buy’ page for each appliance which outlines the different features that consumers should look out for and appropriate retailers to purchase the models featured.

With so many different models available the Cooking Appliances Guide provides detailed comments that will help buyers assess their requirements and make a better informed decision as a result.

Online Shoppers can also compare one brand of cooking appliance with another - For instance what’s the difference between a DeLonghi deep fat fryer and a Morphy Richards deep fat fryer, or a Tefal toaster with a Morphy Richards toaster.

“With so many appliances to choose from, The Cooking Guide will help consumers decide which items are necessities in their kitchens and which aren’t that critical, hopefully saving them time and money as a result. Those buyers looking for novelty gifts for their family and friends should also be able to uncover the bizarre and simply loopy items.”


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