Ahgghhh Tissue: Vacuum Cleaners for Hayfever and dust sufferers

How pollen free is your home? The Vacuum Cleaner Guide helps find relief for allergy sufferers.

The Vacuum Cleaner Guide has been launched to help the rising number of allergy sufferers by allowing them to select the vacuum cleaner that best fits their needs. So, no more sneezing attacks at home.

Through the Guide, you can identify which vacuum cleaners are the most hygienic as well as other information such as the capacity, weight, and the best online prices. While the Guide caters for allergy sufferers and parents, anyone looking for a new vacuum cleaner will find the objective advice on this site useful.

The Vacuum Cleaner Guide looks at a number of models and identifies the type of filter for each one so that consumers can understand which are the most effective in terms of trapping allergens and particles including dust mites. The Guide provides a further break down of features for each model as well as a section on ’how to choose a vacuum cleaner’. The
Vacuum Cleaner Guide explores the different types of vacuum cleaner, such as the differences between a cylinder and an upright vacuum cleaner. There are sections on bagless vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and innovative models such as the iRobot Roomba 2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner as well as the more traditional vacuum cleaners.

Runi Nose, vacuum cleaner specialist said “With the rise in the number of adults and children in the UK suffering from allergies, this Guide will help you choose the right vacuum cleaner for your circumstances. Visitors to the guide will be impressed by the quantity of well researched information available”.


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Nice website but I couldn't find any information on vacuum cleaners. I think this is an important issue, as many allergy sufferers don't realize the right vacuum cleaner can actually help relieve suffering. Anyway, I'm glad to see someone else bringing this up.

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