Ellie Precious: What's Hot in TV Land

Ellie Precious highlights the latest TV models

In a recent survey buy the New TV Guide, Ellie Precious has been able to extract some interesting and sometimes surprising trends about choosing a new TV

HDTV slow to take off

Less than 8 per cent of respondents who completed the Television Guide survey into television watching and buying habits own a High Definition Ready television and just 24 per cent aspire to own a TV of this kind. The survey showed that almost one half of TV sets owned were traditional CRT sets.

17 per cent of respondents own a TV/VCR/DVD Combi and 6 per cent own LCD models without HD technology. The Television Guide team ran the online survey in November and December of 2006 to try and understand more about consumers' attitudes to TV watching, technology and expenditure.

Ellie said that the respondents seemed reluctant to invest in the latest technology and most were also sensible with their TV expenditure. 28 per cent of respondents spent between just £151 and £300 on their current television(s), and 20 per cent of respondents spent less than £150. Only 11 per cent admitted to spending into the thousands on a television set.

However out of those who had spent less than £300 on a television set, 56 per cent would spend more than that on a future purchase which shows that individuals are willing to invest in higher specification models to embrace new technology in the future.

Ellie Precious, PR Net Additions said "Technology is changing all the time and these results indicate that the transition from Analogue to newer television technologies such as Digital and HDTV is not high on the agenda for many people. We are excited by the prospect of undertaking this survey again in a year's time when the digital switchover period commences and will be engaging with consumers to understand more about their buying behaviour throughout the upcoming months."

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